Thursday, August 20, 2009

All about K2...

I've got quite a few pics of K2 that I've taken lately, so I thought I'd put them all in one post.

When my parents were here in April, my dad planted a tomato plant and an okra plant for me and K2 is the only one who likes cherry tomatoes, so I took some pictures for my dad of her picking and tasting them.

This next picture is also for my dad...I know he would be proud. I've never seen anyone clean a chicken drumstick like my dad, until now. Amazing!!! She ate every bite...ugh!

K2 just started her first T-Ball season. She has had several practices and has her first game in mid-September. Bryan is helping coach the team, so they're enjoying some father/daughter time!

She has also recently lost her first tooth and is very proud!

K2 is very excited about the new baby and can't wait for her arrival!

She started her first day at her new school yesterday and seems to really like it so far. I think she looks adorable in her grown up!

Here she is sitting at her desk getting ready for her big day!

These pictures were from this morning...her 2nd day of school. Again, so mature looking!

She is such a blessing and adds so much fun to our family! We are so proud of her and her willingness to try new things!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet little K3!

We have had a busy, busy day today treating our royal cuteness to a special birthday! We started the day out with chocolate chip pancakes and ended with chocolate cupcakes and ice cream. We'll see if they get any sleep tonight. The three girls are all slumbering together tonight to wrap up the day. In between breakfast and birthday cupcakes, we opened presents, had lunch at Chuck E. Cheese, shopped at Concord Mills, Built-A-Bear, and rode the carousel. I'd say she was pretty spoiled and loved every minute of it! Her daddy even took the whole day off to spend it with us! As I tucked her in bed tonight, she hugged and kissed me and said, "Thank you, guys!". I'd say it was a great day and me and Bryan are beyond exhausted!


1st year...

2nd year...

3rd year...

4th year...

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! We love you so much and thank God for the joy and sweetness you've added to our family! Your smile can light up an entire room and your giggle just melts our hearts. You've pretty much got your sisters wrapped around your little finger! It's hard to believe you are already 4 years old! No matter how old you get, you'll always be our little royal cuteness!

I hope to post some pics from our fun day within the next couple of days. For now, I'll leave you with one of my new favorite pictures of the girls in their swimsuits!